Beacon40 Surround

Beacon40 Surround

Beacon40 Surround


Designed for larger spaces like living rooms, master bedrooms and media rooms, , BEACON4O Surround provides wellness routines to improve brain function and cognitive health.

Product Info:

  • Sync lights in any room
  • Personalize your experience using the remote control
  • Set time for routine use
  • Use anytime of day or evening

Product Description: 

Instantly create a wellness routine with warm, non-invasive lights. A base light and complementing satellite synchronize with a remote control for seamless set up and routine use. The elegant design and precision engineering fits into any home or office enabling wellness habits to maintain brain health and enhance cognitive function.

What’s in the box:

  • Remote Control
  • 1 Base Light
  • 3 Satellite Lights
  • 3 Connecting Cables
  • 4 Power Cords
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • 1 Plastic Screw
  • Instruction Manual