Your brain, optimized.

The latest research suggests gamma light works by tapping into your brain’s natural gamma waves. Healthy gamma brainwaves are vital to cognitive function, but can become diminished over time. Gamma light elicits these rhythms to support optimal performance in key areas like memory, attention and coordination.

Why 40 Hz?

Gamma waves are neural oscillations that support functions such as memory, attention and coordination. In a healthy brain, gamma waves typically oscillate at 40Hz, or 40 cycles per second.

With Alzheimer's and other neurological disorders, the brain's gamma waves aren't functioning like they're supposed to. Reduced and disrupted gamma activity makes it difficult to link and process information between parts of the brain.


After testing different frequencies of LED lights, MIT researchers found 40Hz to be the most effective. 40Hz light pulses are believed to stimulate oscillations, restoring gamma brainwaves in Alzheimer's mice after just one hour.