Hear what our beta users are saying

Below are testimonials from real families and caretakers impacted by Alzheimer's and dementia. Reviewers were provided a free prototype of HomeoLux in exchange for their feedback.

“More focused and attentive.”

Since using these lights, dad has started making jokes (he hasn't done that in a while) and taking active interest in his grandchildren. He is also more focused, and more attentive to his surroundings than he has been in a long time.

— Gene S.

"The gamma lights work."

I work with a patient with advanced Alzheimer's. Every evening around 4:30 pm until 7:30 pm, she enjoys television shows with the gamma lights to relax her during her sundowning period. I've seen her progress from almost nonverbal to speaking, and being sedentary to being active. The gamma lights work, and with a combination of natural light, fresh air, and a balanced and healthy diet with exercise, she has improved tremendously. They are also very easy to install and implement. I highly recommend this product!

— Tina S.

"Feeling more calm and focused."

My father is 88 year old with past medical history of heart attack 15 years ago with stent placement. He began getting forgetful and showing signs of Dementia/memory problems and short intermittent periods of confusion several years ago. He decided not to Investigate via further testing. He also would at times become off balanced while walking. He had car accident where he crashed into a parked car 1 1/2 years ago totaling his car. He did not recall how it happened. He has been using the gamma lights daily since 4/20/18 in the evening from 5pm-12am. He does not find it difficult to use and says he feels more calm and focused. He feels it's "very calming". I noticed him to be more balanced and coordinated since the use of gamma lights. He has improved on his attention and ability to recall details of conversations. I'm very pleased with the results we have been seeing so far.

Margaret M.

“Seeing improvement in his behavior.”

My grandfather, who has been deteriorating rapidly due to his Alzheimer's, sits in the same armchair in the living room in the evening hours. The lamp is placed on the adjacent wall about one meter from his armchair. It stays on until he leaves the room which ranges between 2-4 hours each day. Lately, he started to recognize my mother occasionally and his home attendant reports that she is seeing improvement in his everyday behavior and orientation! 

— Leon K.

“Better speech and interaction.”

It's still early, but we've seen increased activity, better speech, and interaction. 

— Art V.

“Improved memory and repeating herself less often.”

My grandmother has been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for the past three to for years. She is the youngest of three sisters and all three of them were afflicted with it. Mostly her memory is affected. She usually asks her children and grandchildren the same questions over and over again, only to forget the answers in a few minutes time. She likes to sit on her couch in the morning with the light placed across from the couch. We have seen some improvement in my grandma's memory as she repeats her questions with greater intervals in time. My grandfather and my aunt (her daughter) also say that she has been better with remembering her medications and requires fewer reminders to do certain things.

— Marina T.