A flicker of hope comes from scientific studies.

Research shows light therapy may treat Alzheimer’s disease

We all have gamma rhythm in our brains. A healthy brain has a gamma frequency of 40Hz. For people with cognitive decline — this rhythm is deviated.

Alzheimer’s disease destroys neurons and their connections in parts of the brain involved in memory. It’s caused in part by abnormal levels of naturally occurring plaques that collect between neurons and disrupt cell function.


But there is hope. MIT neuroscientists seeking to end Alzheimer’s disease focused research on light therapy — discovering that where flickering light shone into the eye induced gamma oscillation in the brain. Their work shows that pulsating light can stimulate the brain to function at a healthy gamma rhythm. These studies are the first scientific findings offering noninvasive treatment for Alzheimer’s: a flicker of hope.

Inspired by the research, HomeoLux developed BEACON40®.

Sensory information in our environment is critical to how the brain synchronizes and functions — including how we remember things like: where we placed our car keys, where we live and who our loved ones are.


Fast-tracking scientific research for safe home use.

The lights are made of multiple LED lights on a printed circuit board. LED lights are 90% more efficient than incandescent bulbs. The LED lights do not produce heat or burn out.

Pulsing LED lights are safe and noninvasive, creating no discomfort for users.* Daily exposure can complement regular routines including reading, watching TV or meal prep.

*People with photosensitivity should not use BEACON40™. Always consult your doctor when supplementing your wellness routine.

BEACON40® lights pulsate at 40Hz, which is known to be the most effective frequency to stimulate healthy gamma waves in the brain. Brain waves in this frequency are associated with working memory, attention and coordination.