A quest for Alzheimer's treatment

"Cognitive decline is both a global health crisis and a personal challenge for me."

In 2016 Terry’s wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. As a husband, an entrepreneur, and a person with a lifelong passion for science, he began searching for a promising Alzheimer's treatment. Finding no cure in sight and discouraged that no new drug has been approved by the FDA since 2003, Terry turned to scientific studies. His singular impetus was the question: What can I do to help?

With pressing determination he uncovered research and testing from MIT that led him to understand hope could be found in the positive impact of Gamma light therapy. Terry could not wait. He built a prototype based on the MIT study designed to help rejuvenate brain health and improve mental acuity, memory and attention. Terry and his network of caregivers began to use it immediately at home. Soon, his wife’s doctors noticed the positive impact on her mental acuity and asked him, “Where can we get more of these?” The positive effects combined with their demand inspired him.

Inspired by the growing body of research showing that 40Hz lights improve brain health, Terry gathered a team of experts to create HomeoLux, a health and technology company that designs wellness products based on cutting-edge technology. The team developed BEACON40®, designed for home and office use. Our noninvasive light system delivers safe, 40Hz light for families who are battling Alzheimer’s disease and those who want to prevent it.