The Brain and Light

The Brain and Light

The cognitive benefits of light exposure: harnessing the power of light for brain function and cognition

Our understanding of light's effect on the brain is continually expanding. Aside from applications for Alzheimer's and dementia, exposure to light in varying tones and frequencies has shown promise in treating conditions such as depression, chronic pain and Parkinson's disease. The benefits of these therapies come from the non-visual effects of light on the brain.

A study published in Trends in Cognitive Sciences discusses the benefits of light for cognitive function. Light exposure plays a vital role in regulating brain function to optimize alertness and cognitive ability. 

These findings demonstrate marked increases in cognitive function within thirty minutes of light exposure. Cognitive benefits include improved logical reasoning, reaction times, and numerical calculations and recall. 

The powerful cognitive effects of light show promise for various light therapy applications, including the fight against Alzheimer's and dementia. 



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