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Studies show gamma light may prevent brain aging and restore cognition

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Gamma light is believed to work by decreasing amyloid plaque buildup in the brain, a hallmark of Alzheimer's, and restoring the brain's natural gamma waves vital to memory and attention. Ongoing studies point to the power of gamma light in reversing and preventing cognitive decline, and supporting focus and clarity in healthy brains.
Natural Enhancement

Your brain uses 40Hz gamma waves to regulate things like memory and attention every day, but these can fall out of synch as you age. Gamma light helps keep you sharp by stimulating 40Hz wavelengths.

Cognitive Clean-Up

Gamma light shows promise as a cognitive cleaning agent. Studies on Alzheimer's mice show a 50% decrease in plaque buildup after just one hour of 40Hz light therapy. It's not magic, it's microglia.

Regain and Maintain

Whether you want to regain what you've lost, prevent cognitive decline or improve mental clarity, gamma light may help give your brain what it needs. We're making sure this source of hope is accessible to all.


I work with a patient with advanced Alzheimer's. Since using the lights, I've seen her progress from almost nonverbal to speaking, and being sedentary to being active. The gamma lights work, and with a combination of natural light, fresh air, and a balanced and healthy diet with exercise, she has improved tremendously.  I highly recommend this product!

My grandfather has been deteriorating rapidly due to his Alzheimer’s. Every evening, he sits with the gamma lights running on the adjacent wall for two to four hours. Lately, he started to recognize my mother occasionally and his home attendant reports that she is seeing improvement in his everyday behavior and orientation!

My father began showing signs of dementia and memory problems several years ago. Since using the gamma lights, he says he feels more calm and focused and I’ve noticed he’s more balanced and coordinated. He’s also improved on his attention and ability to recall details of conversations. I'm very pleased with the results we have been seeing so far.

My grandmother has been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for the past three to for years. She usually asks the same questions repeatedly, only to forget the answers in a few minutes time. Since using the gamma lights, we’ve seen some improvement in my grandma's memory. She’s repeating herself less often and requires fewer reminders to do certain things.